Jeffrey knew what was going to happen.

I think it's best to accept his plan.

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My niece is my sister's daughter.


The government ordered their destruction thirty years ago.

I love pizza.

There isn't much money in this business.

Shawn's house has a big backyard with a large oak tree.

She made her husband an apple pie.

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She will come back soon to visit us.


Health is above wealth.

What's your favorite programming language?

She is awkward.

He always looks like he's half-asleep, but once he gets into an argument, he really goes to town.

I don't do anything.

Jerome bought himself a camera.

This is a weak tea, isn't it?

This is a game for four players.

Do you have any water?

Let no one escape.

Jun is acting really weird right now.

Why didn't you get married?

Don't forget to wear a tie.

Herman is the only one with a camera.

I'm going to see some student.

May I cut in?

I have two brothers and two sisters.

You're the guy who killed Will.

Your task will not be an easy one.

Heinrich chose to ignore Pierce's comment.

You are a really good secretary. If you didn't take care of everything, I couldn't do anything. You are just great.

He is almost always home.

I will associate with him in business.

Difference between the past, present, and future is nothing but an extremely widespread illusion.

Wouldn't it be better if we went and got a coffee?

He had a strong alibi.

It doesn't look like there's any big reason to hurry.


He pursued his career at the expense of his family.


Stop being a fan of Miley Cyrus!


Klaus is a prison guard.

Hans has never been to Barton's home.

Pablo was very angry and wouldn't speak to Vilhelm.

I don't tan very easily.

Jeanne watched anxiously.

It is Eve that sets Adam on.

I can't let you enter without a pass.

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He is a famous merchant.

I am his junior by three years.

Hey, don't turn your back on me.

The wedding is going to be quite an event.

You eat too fast.

I'm not thirsty.

If you eat that much, you'll have a stomachache.

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Let's take the short cut.

Frances thinks that he's the center of the universe.

It would be a waste of time to do that.


You hate him, don't you?

She has most peciluar ideas which surprise everybody.

Does it exist?

Miles saved my life.

That politician won't meet you unless you grease his palm.


You must be Miss Kenny.

It's really not important.

It was a breath-taking close game.


Food will be available.

She turned her back on Roberto.

Peter and I would often go to the movies.


Graham understands exactly what Van wants him to do.


I just never seemed to fit in there.


Is Jerome working?

Why did he do such a thing?

You'd like them.


I won't tell anyone about them.

Far from being a failure, our negotiation was a great success.

You might want to go there by yourself.

Stop! You're making me cry.

Old is eldest.

Look, there's a cat in the kitchen.

I doubt that Radek would ever consider leaving his wife.

I am pleased to meet you.

Tanaka taught Erik how to cook.


That was embarrassing.

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That's kind of a big deal.

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I just want a fresh start.

Triantaphyllos has several tattoos.

The second portion contains meat.

We have already learned English.

I took a shower and then went to bed.

Come and see us by all means.

Keep an eye on this suitcase.

He came to the Irish with all the signs of an apostle, and when the people asked him to explain the Blessed Trinity, he reached down to the ground and picked up a shamrock.

Cristina, wait! Don't move!

Thuan delivered the eulogy.

Why was the Egyptian boy confused? His daddy was really a mummy.


You used to love that.

Lingua Franca Nova is an international auxiliary language created by Dr C. George Boeree and perfected by many supporters of the language.

Please don't say that.

Juggling is another thing I'm not very good at.

Write it down!

I am prepared for the worst.

We'll be fine no matter what happens.

You can't have seen me.

Lyndon reached into his pocket and pulled out some coins.

If I had had enough time, I could have seen more of London.

Mr. Jones hasn't been here as far as I know.

Blaine handed Kenneth an official-looking sheet of paper.

I'm named after your grandfather.


Humans live on the earth.

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He tried to kiss her.


I knew Page wasn't going to win.

I want her to lose.

I took a dislike to Israel from day one.

We sat talking about the remote past.

The amoeba is a protozoan.


You shouldn't have gone into the forest alone.

The ship from New York will arrive before long.

He told me that he would start the next day.

"Which name do you prefer?" "They're both nice."

Ralph is quite photogenic, isn't he?


London's squares are wonderful.

Don't try to be all things to all men.

Mwa likes playing soccer.

Let's continue this discussion after lunch.

I'll save you a piece of cake.

Jurevis is still in Boston, isn't he?

He sat listening to the radio.

Um... can we join your group?

The clock is made in Switzerland.

I'd like to find out my bank balance.

This year I'm living at my grandparents'.


I went to the airport to bid my friend goodbye.


English is considered an international language.

I am sharpening my sword.

Be eccentric now. Don't wait for old age to wear purple.

That's all the thanks one gets.

Randy was there for me when I really needed someone.

The show will be on the air at 7 p.m.

Why not try something different for a change?

Your services are no longer required.

This city has many wide avenues.

Ross was beautiful.

This train rides very well.


War doesn't bring on peace; on the contrary, it brings pains and grief on both sides.

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I didn't have much time so I just skimmed through the article.


Her favourite band is Warpaint.

I really want to go home now.

Why are you touching your ear?

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I'm coming for them.


Would you like to go to the lake with us?

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We can tell you're not a bad guy, Harvey.

I always wanted to say that.

We played poker the entire day.


The police will keep an eye on the man they think is the criminal.


Could you give me the salt?

Andy isn't the only one who thinks so.

This one's pretty cool.

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We all missed you.

It is better for you to do it now.

You can use my dictionary.

Wasn't Miek your boyfriend?

People should understand that the world is changing.

Pull your car out a bit, I can't back my car out.

I have a bat and ball.

The child is father to the man.

My friend lives in that house.